With ever increasing logic densities and the inevitable migration of functionality from the analog domain, the challenges associated with today's logic designs are reaching unprecedented levels.

These challenges include sophisticated simulation requirements, complicated development tools, involved timing analyses, algorithm implementation, and extensive debugging and test development.


At Stratus Engineering we deal with these issues on a daily basis, which means we can significantly reduce the development time on your next logic design.

  • Verilog and VHDL logic design
  • ASIC design and verification
  • High-density XilinxAltera and Lattice FPGA
  • LatticeXilinxAltera CPLDs
  • Modelsim simulation and verification
  • Synplicity and Synopsys synthesis
  • DDR2 and flash memory controller designs
  • Digital filters and Signal processing
  • Motor drive / motor control algorithms
  • Video processing
  • Communications


Additional Hardware, Software and Firmware Design Consulting Work Performed by Stratus Engineering: