Today's hardware designs have become increasingly complex due to large scale IC integration, high clock frequencies, and extensive use of programmable logic.

With issues such as clock skew, transmission line effects, and complex register initialization sequences to consider, successful designs require in-depth knowledge of the digital, analog, and software domains.

At Stratus Engineering, we understand the issues involved in achieving quality high speed, high-density hardware designs.


Our diverse digital, analog, and software design background includes a wide range of board level hardware design experience including:

  • Microprocessor design:
    Motorola / Freescale Power PC MPC860, MPC8260, MPC603, MPC7400 (G4), MPC8560 (PQIII) Coldfire MCF5307, MCF5272, 68K, IBM PPC405, Intel x86, Hitachi SH-3, NEC V40
  • Microcontroller design:
    Intel, Hitachi, Motorola / Freescale, Atmel, Microchip PIC
  • DSP design:
    Motorola 5600X, Texas Instruments TMS320C6XXX, Analog Devices ADSP21XX
  • High-Speed digital design:
    DDR and DDR2 SDRAM, 250MHz L2 cache, 100Mb and 1Gb Ethernet
  • PCICompact PCI and VME bus designs, hot-swap and redundancy
  • Switching power supplies and regulators, low-noise power supply design, motor drive and H-bridge power design.
  • Analog designInstrumentation, high-speed A/D and D/A converter designs
  • High density FPGA Designs


Additional Hardware, Software and Firmware Design Consulting Work Performed by Stratus Engineering: