At Stratus Engineering, we understand system level design and hardware / software integration.

Our broad design and development background draws from experience in a wide range of consumer and industrial electronic design applications:

  • Singleboard computers
  • ElectronicInstruments
  • PCI/CompactPCI / VME system boards
  • Dataand Voice Communications
  • DSPand Robotics
  • SDRAMand memory controller designs
  • Videoand LCD Interfaces
  • AC/DC/stepperand servo motor drives
  • High Speed DataacquisitionA/D and D/A converter designs
  • Radar data processing
  • Consumerand Audio Electronics
  • Power Supplies
  • IEEE 488(GPIB)
  • IEEE1394 Firewire
  • Electronicsfor Laser Controllers / Applications
  • RS232/422/485communications
  • Sensorinstrumentation
  • TDMA / T1 applications


Additional Hardware, Software and Firmware Design Consulting Work Performed by Stratus Engineering: