EZ-Tap Pro Uses (Infographic)

EZ-Tap Pro Uses


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The Stratus Engineering EZ-Tap Pro hardware module RS232 sniffer empowers companies of all sizes across a variety of industries, providing them with a comprehensive protocol analyzer and bus analyzer hardware solution.

This RS232 sniffer offers proven results in numerous business sectors, such as:

• Industrial Control
• Military and Aerospace
• Gaming
• Consumer Electronics
• Entertainment
• Instrumentation

EZ-Tap Pro provides businesses with the ability to overcome latency and time-tagging issues commonly associated with traditional dual COM port monitoring solutions.

It also supports business applications in areas such as:

• Bar Code Readers
• Vending Machines
• Motor Drivers
• Teller Machines
• Electronic Scales
• GPS Receivers
• Slot Machines
• Printers
• Laser Controllers
• Embedded Microprocessors
• Automatic Assembly Equipment
• Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
• Alarm Systems
• Voting Machines
• Medical Equipment
• Networking Equipment
• Point of Sale (POS) systems
• Avionics Equipment
• Postal Equipment
• Metering Equipment
• Diagnostic Equipment
• Data Acquisition Equipment

Today, many globally recognized businesses leverage the EZ-Tap PRO RS232 sniffer, including:

• Sandia National Laboratories
• Diebold
• Spinemed
• Apollo Video Technology
• Toshiba
• Siemens
• Toro
• Abbott
• JMA Wireless
• Video Gaming Technologies
• General Electric
• Cisco
• Applied Materials
• Lam Research
• Coca Cola
• FMC Technologies
• Bose
• Conexant
• Schneider Electric
• Rockwell Automation
• TSI Semiconductors
• Thales Group
• Epson
• Sony
• Northrop Grumman
• Teledyne
• Honda
• Metropolitan Water District
• Lockheed Martin
• Pacific Gas and Electric
• Thermo Fisher Scientific
• United States Postal Service
• Virgin Media

Stratus Engineering provides the EZ-Tap Pro RS232 sniffer, which offers exceptional quality and value. We focus on delivering high-caliber results with reduced product design cycle times, and our team will ensure you can optimize the value of your EZ-Tap Pro RS232 sniffer at all times.