How to Monitor the Connection Between Two Serial Devices

Serial Communication Monitor

How to Monitor the Connection Between Two Serial Devices

Serial Communication Monitor

How can you monitor the connection between two serial communication devices? It sometimes can be tough for even the most diligent engineer to optimize the connection between these devices.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make the most of your serial communication monitor devices every day.

Here are three tips to help you track the connection between two serial devices at all times:

1. Learn about serial communication using RS232.

An RS232 sniffer offers exceptional value, particularly when it comes to monitoring serial communications.

This sniffer serves as an effective serial communication monitor because it allows you to review and optimize the functionality of any COM port application. Plus, the sniffer empowers you to record and evaluate all data between your serial devices, making it a great option for first-rate coding, optimization and testing.

Learning the ins and outs of serial communication using RS232 is vital for engineers. And by doing so, you should have no trouble finding out how to monitor the connection between two serial devices day after day.

2. Perform tests regularly.

Periodic testing enables you to discover communication errors between serial port devices and work to resolve these issues immediately.

In addition, a loopback test is simple to perform and delivers long-lasting benefits, as it allows you to find out if device ports and connectors transmit and receive valid information consistently.

Loopback tests make it easy to determine if a serial port, device or converter is functioning properly. By conducting these assessments regularly, you’ll be better equipped to maintain an ongoing connection between two serial devices.

3. Receive expert support.

Monitoring the connection between two serial devices may become a costly, time-consuming task. And for engineers who lack substantial time and resources, receiving expert assistance from an industry leader in RS232 electronics software and hardware designs can provide outstanding return on investment (ROI).

At Stratus Engineering, we serve as a best-in-class engineering design services firm that offers first-rate support for electronics and software for embedded systems. As such, we’re happy to guide you through the process of monitoring serial communications to ensure you can maximize the resources at your disposal.

Also, our team possesses comprehensive experience in all phases of product development. As a result, we’re prepared to help you track and optimize the connection between your serial devices at any time.

Receiving expert support from Stratus Engineering can help you take the guesswork out of your serial communication using RS232. And ultimately, this assistance may help you reduce the time and resources it requires to monitor the connection between your serial devices.

Why should you choose Stratus Engineering?

With Stratus Engineering’s vast array of top-notch RS232 serial port monitoring hardware and software, perhaps it’s easy to understand why we serve as San Diego’s premier provider of electronics and software for embedded systems.

We supply numerous top-of-the-line serial port monitoring solutions, including our EZ-Tap™ Pro RS232 sniffer and Versa-Tap™ hardware module.

EZ-Tap Pro serves as a protocol analyzer and bus analyzer hardware solution unlike any other. In fact, this RS232 sniffer is designed to help you overcome the latency and time-tagging problems associated with traditional dual COM port monitoring solutions.

From its exact microsecond time-tagging capabilities to its support for baud rates up to 1Mbps, EZ-Tap Pro provides a reliable solution for monitoring serial communications. It also eliminates the bulky cabling frequently associated with hardware-based RS232 monitoring schemes, providing engineers with a compact RS232 sniffer that will serve them well for an extended period of time.

Comparatively, Versa-Tap delivers a state-of-the-art hardware solution that boasts unparalleled data-logging and analyzer capabilities.

Versa-Tap captures and time-tags state changes on all six RS232 handshaking lines. Furthermore, the hardware module provides precise time-tagging of all data transfers and handshaking events and even supports standard and non-standard baud rates up to 921600 bits/second to help you get exceptional results time and time again.

When it comes to tracking the connection between two serial devices, why should you be forced to leave anything to chance? Thanks to the high-quality products and services provided by Stratus Engineering, you’ll be able to improve the connection between these devices. And if you ever have questions or concerns along the way, we’re always happy to respond to your queries to ensure you get the support you deserve.

To learn more about our RS232 serial port monitoring offerings, please contact us today at (858) 663-1841.