Installing the EZ-View RS232/RS422/RS485 Monitor Application Program

Please visit to download the latest copy of this Quick-Start Guide and the EZ-View application program. The EZ-View application works with our EZ-Tap Pro, EZ-Tap, and Vera-Tap Products.

EZ-View application versions 1.6.60 and later are packaged as a self contained setup executable that installs the application program and drivers. For these program versions installation is simple:

  1. Run the downloaded setup executable.
  2. Plug the EZ-Tap Pro module into USB port on the PC and wait for the driver installation to complete
  3. Run the EZ-View application program

For earlier EZ-View application versions:

  1. Download and install latest device drivers from
  2. Plug the Versa-Tap module into USB port on the PC and wait for the driver installation to complete
  3. Unzip the files in the EZ-View application .zip file to a directory of your choice
  4. Run the EZ-View application program

Note that once the device driver has been correctly installed, Versa-Tap appears as a USB COM port under Windows Device Manager.

Versa-Tap Firmware Update

You can check the EZ-Tap Pro firmware version from the “EZ-View Help\About” menu. If a later version of the firmware is available at you can install it as follows:

  1. Download and extract the firmware update zip file
  2. Run the executable and follow the instructions

Developing Custom software with the EZ-Tap Pro Software API

Please contact Stratus Engineering for information on developing custom application software for use with the Versa-Tap hardware module.

Connecting Versa-Tap to the System under Test

Once the Versa-Tap and EZ-View are operating correctly on the MS Windows PC host system, the user must create a custom connection to the system under test. The Versa-Tap screw-terminals are labeled with their RS2332 and RS422 signal names as shown in the Figure 1 below. Note that you must select between RS232/TTL, RS422, and Inverted RS232/TTL signaling level under the EZ-View

Figure 1 Versa-Tap Signal Definitions