Why an RS232 Monitor Will Make Your Job Easier

Monitoring a serial port device’s activity or checking the amount of data sent and received between a computer and a serial port often remains exceedingly difficult. However, an RS232 serial port monitor empowers developers to evaluate, display, log and analyze all serial port activity with ease.

Ultimately, an RS232 monitor can make a developer’s job easier in many ways, including:

1. An RS232 monitor enables you to evaluate multiple serial ports simultaneously.

Thanks to an RS232 monitor, you can collect and review data across multiple serial ports simultaneously.

An RS232 monitor even offers real-time data capture and data transmission and logging capabilities. That way, you can gather and evaluate a broad assortment of data at any time.

2. An RS232 monitor eliminates the need for bulky cabling solutions.

With an RS232 monitor at your disposal, you’ll be able to eliminate the need for bulky cabling and minimize the costs associated with cabling altogether.

Typically, hardware-based RS232 monitoring schemes require cables that can be expensive to set up and difficult to manage. But with an RS232 monitor like the EZ-TAP™ Pro hardware module RS232 sniffer, you can enjoy a convenient RS232 monitoring solution.

EZ-TAP™ Pro offers the same capabilities as a traditional RS232 monitoring solution without bulky cabling. It also provides these capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional RS232 monitoring solution, making it a budget-friendly choice for developers.

3. An RS232 monitor minimizes latency and time-tagging problems.

Latency and time-tagging issues commonly plague developers who use traditional dual COM port monitoring solutions. Fortunately, an RS232 monitor is designed to help you put these problems in the past.

Unlike many traditional dual COM port monitoring solutions, an RS232 monitor enables developers to track data transmission on a screen and save data in a file. It provides exact hardware microsecond time-tagging of all RS232 data and handshaking events and captures and time-tags state changes on all RS232 handshaking lines.

4. An RS232 monitor requires no programming experience to use.

Regardless of whether you’re an expert programmer or possess no programming skills at all, an RS232 monitor delivers immediate access to serial ports.

In fact, an RS232 monitor empowers you to track and analyze all data flows from any software or hardware that works with a serial port. As a result, an RS232 sniffer usually provides a fast, effective option for serial port monitoring.

5. An RS232 monitor supports businesses in a wide range of industries.

Although your business may commit substantial time and resources to find ways to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals, your best efforts might still come up short. Meanwhile, an RS232 monitor has been shown to help businesses in many industries and may enable your company to save both time and money that could be invested in other areas of its day-to-day operations.

An RS232 monitor has been proven to help companies in sectors such as:

It also offers a reliable solution for companies of all sizes, making it increasingly important for businesses that want to level the playing field against larger rivals.

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